For Nonprofits:

Vineyard Consulting can help your organization identify, qualify, cultivate, solicit, close, track and steward major gift donors. The types of services we offer include, but are not limited to:

     • Develop a list of potential major gift donors
     • Create individualized cultivation strategies 
     • Train staff and Board members re: Campaign Readiness and 'Opening Doors' to potential major gift donors
     • Prepare staff and Board members for, and participate in, donor meetings
     • Draft solicitation letters, proposals and other donor related correspondence
     • Develop Donor / Potential Donor Tracking Report.  Keep everyone moving toward common goals
     • Conceptualize and coordinate donor events
     • Work with staff and Board to create Gift Opportunities
     • Provide guidance regarding:
             o Gift tracking, reports, wealth screening options
             o Annual Reports & brochures

For Philanthropists:

     • Research charities
     • Serve as a donor’s representative to charities
     • Help refine philanthropic vision for individuals, couples & families

       To avoid conflict of interest, Vineyard Consulting will not research charities
         which are former or current firm clients. 

For B2B clients:

     •  New Business Outreach
     •  Targeted Marketing